Escaping a Phantom


Realising too late that Fefnir would probably ask what he was doing in his temple instead of him simply passing his younger brother by, the ninja decided to humour him and said, “I would say the roof, but I assume you mean what I am doing here.”

Who said he didn’t have a sense of humour? Definitely not Phantom. 

"I am curious as to if you’ve noticed any odd activity lately," the Shadow Guardian asked, "regarding our leader."

"Oh shut up," Fefnir’s instant reaction to the snide remark was predictable and apparent.

As to his question, the Fire Guardian huffed and shrugged his shoulders, “nothing more than the usual - though he seems to have taken a liking to hiding in walls, if the signature I’m getting is right. Might wanna try that.”

With that, the taller reploid sidestepped his older brother and walked onwards, “have fun finding him if it’s true!”

Suitably pleased that he had probably annoyed his older sibling to no end, Fefnir giggled to himself and left the ninja to his own devices.

Though, even after saying it he still wondered why Master X was hiding in HIS temple, of all places.

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Escaping a Phantom



It was never too late in the afternoon to begin this activity. The trick was all timing. However, with an opponent that moved the same as a passing shadow, Copy X had only been successful about 10% of the time for a full evasion.

The week had been tiring to say the least. The humans in quarter A had safe water drinking issues when a pipe decided to burst on its own just to spite his ever list of growing problems. He’d sent a few lower ranks to take a look. Next, a few fires had happened in the disposable scrap area, which wasn’t too much of a concern, unless of course the piles decided to join each other and then the fire became more than a bit of a problem. He’d promptly sent the fire Guardian on that task. It was a manner of small incidents that had lead to Copy’s decision that enough was enough for that next week.

Responsibility be damned.

Ah, and of course today was the day Phantom had recently returned from an expedition, one that took much effort to get the Phantom to even take. The Guardian had pinged him for some routine news to be delivered promptly. Well, that gave the smaller one a window of warning. 

Master X, walked down the usual main hallway passing a few middle ranks. While his face remained blank, he still gave a nod to a few officers in acknowledgement. The first step of evasion is creating a walk  path of where reploids had seen him last, a false trail to where he was really headed.

Remaining in his personal wing would be too obvious and passing Leviathan’s would be…not in his interest. However it wouldn’t be unusual to be seen down Harpuia’s or Fefnir’s environments. What luck it was that he’d passed neither Guardian on his way out of Harpuia’s territory into the flame Guardian’s.


There were sections of this wing that were in a bit of disarray, metal patched and repaired because of… accidents. However some were not. These patches could fit the young leader’s body through on purpose. Thus, was the way Copy could traverse through certain vents to go outside unseen. It was not as clean or as quiet as he would have hoped, but it would do.

Copy X unscrewed a few loose bolts from a piece of thin metal, it moved aside with little effort. He looked back for a moment, then closed his eyes listening to anyone who might be coming to this deserted hallway. Detecting nothing, the smaller crawled inside the secret passage. Once there, he picked up the metal patch he’d unscrewed and bolted it back from the inside. 

It wasn’t perfect, but it was the method that had been working well for him. Unless someone was staring at this certain patch long enough to notice that the bolts were backwards, well. Copy was going to keep doing it until it failed him one day.

While Phantom had sworn eternal allegiance to Master X and all that came with it, he couldn’t quite fathom what the purpose was of investigating the behind the scenes of who or what was responsible behind the recent incidents in the residential districts in person. The master had insisted that he go, not one of his units, and the Shadow Guardian had been all but baffled by it.

But, as the ever loyal ninja he was, he had gone to do just that upon X’s orders. He had returned soon enough, of course, and went to find his master, also as per his instructions…

… only to find the short reploid missing.

Unsure as to why his master had vanished, the Guardian went to find his master, but he was in none of his ‘usual’ locations. He was growing inwardly rather irritated, as, of course, it was his job to guard Master X from all threats.

And to not know where he was was very bad for his position.

His search took him near the more unlikely locations, such as the Temple of Flame. 

He didn’t spot Harpuia on his way there though the Wind temple, so he assumed his brother was out in the field and working. Fefnir, on the other hand, he spotted walking his way and looking rather proud of himself.

"Fefnir," he greeted, and the slight clip in his tone gave way to his annoyance.

Having recently returned from dealing with the fires in the residential district (or rather sent units there to deal with it and merely went to check on them that afternoon), Fefnir was now returning to his temple to check on things there.

The Fire Guardian had not noticed any kind of ‘infiltration’ by means of looking at the walls and seeing panels of metal being disturbed, but he HAD noticed his master’s energy signature lingering around his temple in rather odd places at times. He had been curious about it once and gone to investigate, but despite the signature being present in his temple…. Fefnir couldn’t make heads or tails of it being in the WALLS.

He had dismissed it as a prank but instructed Anubis to keep an eye on it in case it was something sinister.

Said Lieutenant General had not seen anything odd except seeing the signature come and go, and so, Fefnir had assumed that his master simply had an odd hobby.

Speaking of odd, Fefnir was happily walking by when his least favourite sibling showed up. With a grumpy look and wondering what Phantom could possibly want with him, the Fire Guardian said, “hey, Phantom, what’s up?

A Change in Perspective





He had fought for years, yet there was no rest for him. He had many more battles ahead. Neo Arcadia was just beginning to flourish. His old friend had been long since sealed and X couldn’t rely on him. He was utterly alone and had been for years now.

Yet the world had turned to him; asking him to take up the burden of leadership, asking him to bear the trials of the world and with X being X he accepted. Yet even as humans and Reploids began to raise him up in reverence as their ‘hero’ and even as ‘Master X’ he had to continue to battle. But it didn’t bother him anymore.

And that was the worst thing of all. When it no longer hurt to kill. He could easily squeeze the trigger and end a life. X became well aware that he was… Losing his humanity- losing what had made him so….  Different over so many other Reploids. This was when he realized that… He was ready to die. He was tired. He’d fought too many wars. He’d been alone too long. He was ready to just slip into eternal rest…

Still, X wasn’t allowed such a mercy. He couldn’t… Not when there were so many lives still depending on him. The ex hunter had no idea that his depression was beginning to fog his once clear vision and he was starting to make foolish mistakes. He was starting to do stupid things, but he was still loved and overall X performed his job well.

When the scientists of Neo Arcadia had proposed four high grade Reploids directly based off of X’s DNA code he’d almost said no. However, they’d urged him to reconsider; to give them a chance to explain their reasoning. Their argument had been valid; powerful even and so X had given his consent. They were to be his children.

While they were being built X hadn’t paid them much thought, his mind focused on the front lines. Maverick attacks were relentless and if he didn’t keep on his toes surely…But as they grew closer to completion he found himself wondering… What would they be like…?

In one sense he… Wouldn’t be alone anymore if things went well. He’d… Have a family. But if things went poorly… He… He didn’t want to feel that again. Alia, Signas, Douglas, Axl, Layer… They were just a handful of names that he could list off the top of his head. He’d thought… Surely they’d have made it. He was wrong.

Clad in his robes X wandered the halls of his great fortress his head for a change not on the battles on the frontier, nor the cleaning attempts but instead on the potentials that could happen with these newly built Reploids. They were to be awoken in just a few hours.

“What should I do…?” X wondered to himself as he leaned against a pillar, his head bowed.

Thankfully, many of the guards and servants knew better than to disturb him when he was so troubled. Otherwise, he’d have had to shoo them away as they worried about their ‘beloved master’. X still felt uncomfortable about the title even now.

His thoughts were scattered and his mind raced. But ultimately he was well aware that the risk of death was high-even for Reploids based off his DNA… If they somehow managed to survive… If they all could pull through the Elf Wars… If they could bring peace together… X… X would tell them everything.

They might have hated him for his cruelty, but…It was possible that X himself could die before them. If he did… Well, this way they would suffer less as well. Yes, this way would work for the best.

Decision made X pushed himself off of the monolithic pillar. Each step X took echoed hollowly in the empty halls of Neo Arcadia’s core. If X had glanced down at the black floors he could have observed his weary face in the black tiles. This was his sanctuary. A place that only he and a handful of others; Mostly repair drones were allowed and deep in the heart of this shelter was his ‘throne’. It was an overly ornate piece of furniture with a large library downloaded into the arm rests. That was his destination. A place to study and plan for the future.

X had little intention to even be there when his ‘children’ were activated. It’d possibly help form an attachment that… None of them could have afforded. However, as the golden door slid open X realized that his chair had an intruder… A highly… Strange Intruder.

His armor was battered, charred in spots and chunks were even torn off but the armor itself was still unmistakably a blue hue.

“What…? This can’t be…” X shook his head as he stumbled back.

The figure on X’s throne merely beckoned X to approach with a weary gesture and X couldn’t help but feel drawn to him.

What could have happened to him…His eyes were…As battered as the intruder’s body was, as damaged as he was he knew Old X would prove no match for the much younger counterpart…  But It was his eyes that chilled the city’s leader.

X had felt weary, battered and drained but this figure… He had seen things that X couldn’t have even begun to imagine and his heart clenched in fear.

“X… If it isn’t apparent… I’m you.” His counterpart stood and approached him.

They were indeed frighteningly similar. The same height, eye color, armor type, weapons, and voices.

“And…. I’m here for one reason.” The deadened gaze in the much older version of himself sent chills down His spine.

What did he mean…?

“What are you-” X began but as he started to speak a fist came flying out of the blue and struck X’s left temple, sending the Master of Neo Arcadia sprawling.

For being so battered this damaged X still could hit like a tank and X forced himself to roll onto his back to face the (obviously) angry Old X.

“You… I am such a fool! Those four children who are about to awaken are the most precious beings that will ever enter your life and you’re going to just…” Old X snarled before striding over to him.

X was stunned. He hadn’t expected to meet another version of himself… He also hadn’t expected to be pummeled by said alternate of himself either. Yet both things were happening. Needless to say he felt a need to defend himself from his angry older self.

“Hey, I’ve got a brilliant plan! Why don’t we punish the idiot responsible for the elf wars by giving him an immortal body huh?” Old X snarled as he ducked under X’s fist and retaliated with a right cross of his own.

This older version of himself knew every trick in the book and then some. X frowned even as he ducked under a barrage of strikes. He’d have asked how he’d known that that was what the Neo Arcadian leadership board had requested and X had agreed to the proposal. But it was apparent that…

“He’s done wrong and needs to face justice.” X replied coldly as he attempted a leg sweep.

However, Old X was ready and dashed back out of range before vaulting off the walls in an attempt to grab X’s helm with a clawed hand.

“Reality check: That won’t work!” Old X growled as X was forced to dive to one side.  

The two stalked each other for a few moments; Old X glaring at his younger self.

“Here’s another fantastic idea; why don’t we use our own body as a seal for the dark elf and let Neo Arcadia fall into a panic? That’s a great idea too isn’t it? Got any other excellent plans stuck in that thick skull of ours huh, X? It’s not like people look up to you now, is it?” Old X snarled even as X managed to kick him in the chest.

X couldn’t help but flinch at the observation.

“But…” X began to protest.

Old X shook his head before he kicked X’s chest twice in quick succession.

“Don’t you get it, X? I’ve wanted to die just as long as you but I keep on living because of those four. They gave everything for me and I can’t let their sacrifice be in vain. Not now… Not ever! And… Because no matter how much I tried to deny it I always loved them… From the very first moment I saw them.” His voice wavered.

X flinched as he considered ordering the immediate cancellation of the project. He could have it stopped before they awoke after all…

The old X’s eyes narrowed though.

“Don’t be stupid. You’d regret it even more. Without them, Wiel, Omega…. They’ve already won. I know you’re scared of opening back up. I was too… But… Losing them… Was because I… I didn’t open to them.” Old X struck again; throwing him off balance.

X’s heart attempted to harden. He had to stay the course. Yet, this older version of him read him like a book. Not that it was difficult to understand why.

“Let me put this into perspective, idiot. We decide in our infinite wisdom to send Weil and Omega off into Space as ‘punishment’. Next, instead of ordering Neo Arcadian Scientists to work on energy research and a way to cure the dark elf we simply seal her using our own body. Brilliance. Sheer brilliance.” X could feel the sarcasm dripping from Old X a mile away and it was worse as he was merely a few dozen feet away.

X went to protest but Old X beat him to the punch. Quite literally.

 “Stop it. Like it or not, X, you are needed. If for nothing more than those four Reploids about to be born into this world.” the older version of himself sighed before he flung himself at X again.

“Pick yourself up for a change!” Old X roared even as X smashed his fist into the fragile shoulder plating, sending fragments flying across the throne room.

Again and again Old X pointed out obvious flaws in X’s plans, kept calling him ‘Moron’ and ‘Idiot’ for good measure.

Twenty brutal minutes passed before the two’s fight finally ended. Old X was lying against a gray pillar and Neo Arcadia’s Leader leaned against his throne as he pondered what he’d heard as they fought.

He slowly took a few deep simulated breaths before he approached the badly damaged version of himself. The words of Old X kept echoing in his skull, repeating over and over again. They mocked him and ridiculed his carefully constructed plans. Yet… When X listened to them mocked by his older self… It made horrifying sense and he saw a very different picture than the one he’d planned.

Had X been so wrong after all?

“I’ll send someone to repair you.” X offered, however the older version of himself shook his head.

“No need. I don’t belong in this time. I’ll fade from existence soon enough. I knew the risks.” Old X replied firmly.

X’s eyes widened before he dropped to his knees and grasped the hand of the severely damaged version of himself.


“So… You wouldn’t make the same mistake I did… I’ve… Lived with regret for the last three centuries. I didn’t… Realize how much they meant to me… Until it was… Far too late. I tried to give them the world but… They figured out my plan…Those brave Guardians…” Old X’s eyes had filled with tears even as he started to fade.

Temporal mechanics weren’t something X was familiar with but… Even he was well aware of the result of two of the same people existing in the same time. The one that wasn’t supposed to would…

“Love them… Love them as I never did.” Old X pleaded before fading from X’s grip.

Meeting another him hadn’t been something the master of Neo Arcadia had planned on. However, to ignore such a terrible future, one that all that he and Zero had worked on…

Well, to let such a thing come to pass was one he would not let occur. For a moment, a long one, X stared at where his aged counterpart had been just moments before. Then, regretfully, he shook his head wearily before he exited the throne room, and headed towards the reploid R&D labs where the four… Where his… his children were being created.

Before, it had been out of need that they were created, to serve him and the nation to the best of their ability. Yet… Was it possible that they could be more…?

Shaking his head slowly once more, he weaved through the halls, waving off attendants as he did so. No, his only need was to meet them. Four on the verge of awakening…

"Master X! What are you doing here sir?" A scientist working on Leviathan asked, putting down the tool that she’d been using to finish configuring her armor.

"I… Decided that I should be here when they awoke. After all, they do have my DNA.”

Of course, there was more to it, but it would suffice for a reason… For now. The Scientist shrugged her shoulders before speaking.

"Very well master, Fefnir and Phantom should be activating any minute now." The woman pointed over to another section of the room.

"Then I’ll start there." X agreed, heading over to the future guardians.

"Good morning." He greeted as they slowly awoke, one by one.


That was what he knew at first. Darkness. Data. Streams and lines of it flew before his closed optics. Teaching him, leading him.

He knew what he was: His designation was ‘Phantom’, his duty was to be the protector of his father, Master X. He would swear his life to him.

Part of his programming was… teaching him the art of martial arts and ancient knowledge of ‘shinobi arts’. It was teaching him how to fight, how to live, and how to conduct himself in a day to day life.

He could feel his consciousness beginning to wake itself, somehow. It was… a strange sensation…

It was like a light calling him. A soft, gentle voice, wishing him a good morning…

Slowly, the short reploid opened his eyes.

The feedback he was getting as he looked around the place was almost overwhemling… but he employed the foundations of his new knowledge in Shinto practices… what he knew of it, anyway, and kept calm. He saw what he knew would be his siblings… they were to be different from him, he knew.

For he had no element, though he was content with that.

He was greeted with bright lights, faces, and mechanics all around him. He was in a pod, with tubes connected to his ports on his back, neck, pelvis and legs. He blinked again, and turned his head to the blue reploid who he recognised as Master X.

The tubes disconnected with a hiss of steam, and slowly, he pulled himself into a sitting position. He put a hand on the edge of the pod, and he bowed his head deeply to the blue reploid.

He was smaller than he had thought.

"Good morning, Master X. My name is Phantom. It is an honour to meet you," he greeted, his voice echoing around the room. It was… a weird feeling to feel his own voice and hearing it in his own brand new audios.

Libraries. Files. They streamed rapidly through his systems as he onlined slowly. His conscious gradually expanded, slowly shifting from solely the core to the rest of his bodice. 

Checks ran constantly front-most.

Shoulder servos online. Check… OK.

And other such information swept past him at a speed that would be too hard for a human to process, but he could do just fine. Soon he grew aware of his positioning, of the fact that there were cables hooked all over him, that he was in a place called a ‘capsule’ and it would be necessary until they became obsolete. Words, information, continued to stream, so he kept his eyes shut to avoid bringing in too much data when he was not done filtering.

There was a voice, a warm voice he identified as familiar. After, there was another voice, a new one, which he did not recognize. As the capsule recognized him as conscious and the cables disconnected, Harpuia (as he learned was his designation) opened his eyes and looked around from his position, taking in as much external data as he could now that he was done with internal. The deeper voice he heard second he then logged as ‘Phantom’, as the voice had said. Glancing over, he could immediately tell which it was.

After all, the other he immediately recognized as Master X.

Unsure of what to make of the situation other than ‘greet’, he slowly let himself up, took a slight glance at himself, then regarded the mechanics around him, then the newbuilt that was his sibling and the aged one that was he whom he’d serve. His father.

"Good morning." He started, then paused, giving what else he should say some thought. "I am Harpuia. Master X, it’s…" He paused once more, searching his databank for words. "… I will do my best." He finished, blinking slightly as he realized the sentence did not really logically connect. Huh. He tilted his head. "It’s an honor." Better.

Files, files and more data streamed into him and around his mind as it was processed. He found himself not enjoying the sensation much, even as he was learning vital information that was important to… well, EVERYTHING.

He could feel himself coming online as he was beginning to get a grimance on his face. He wanted to get up and move! He wanted to do things! The information he was recieving was teaching him what he was to be - the one out on the field and cleaning up debris after a war? It sounded like good fun!

He wanted to get out into the sun, and the light and the warmth of the desert. Everything about his being was screaming at him to wake up.

And once he heard a soft, warm voice, a deeper one, and then another higher one, Fefnir’s optics opened up all of a sudden.

The male reploid blinked his red optics once, and then again. His vision focused and became clear as he did so, and the one known as Fefnir looked over to see an aged reploid he knew was Master X. Beside him was Phantom; the deep voice must’ve belonged to him.

On his other side was the one the higher voice had belonged to - Harpuia. He blinked once at him - what the hell were those things on his head?

The cables disconnected from his back and Fefnir sat up. He then shook his body like a dog as he looked around with absolute curiosity. Everything looked so interesting; he was itching to see what else was in the lab aside from himself, his brothers, and his master.

But for now, he turned to Master X and gave him a big grin,

"I’m Fefnir, Master X! It’s an honour to meet you!" His sunny voice echoed around the room, and he covered his mouth in shock. That was loud… were voices always supposed to be this loud? He let out a sheepish giggle, and smiled at his brothers as if to say a silent ‘oops’.

Bird Bath @thefairyleviathan & sageharpuia


Leviathan felt the ground rumble beneath her feet, almost losing her balance herself, but she managed to regain her ground, with ‘nailed it’ written on her face.

To continue this game of their’s, she stood proudly near him, speaking over dramatically “And so victory goes to the great Leviathan!" holding up the mechanaloid up in pride 

This lasted about five seconds before she went “pfft” and started laughing, looking over her fallen brother.

"Need help up, Fef?" She asked, still laughing "You shook up the ground real good there, You alright man?"

Victory? Pfft. If anything, he had granted her the victory by falling flat on his rear. The Guardian grinned, though, and let her celebrate in their play fight… for now.

In their play matches, it was always a test of who could fool the other, as well as direct attacks. And Fefnir always liked to make sure he could get one up on any of his siblings in these fights, as well as loose a few, too. For now though, his sister was walking right into his trap.

When Leviathan got close, however, he opened one optic with a smirk and said, “better than fine~”

And with that, the Guardian aimed his mechaniloid and fired point blank at the Ice Guardian with a gleeful cackle.

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Intertwining Fates ( @theheartoftresistance )


   The scientist nodded as it was made clear that the little escape artist hadn’t caused trouble. That was the last thing the science department needed if their prodigy to become a trouble maker. Watching as the little blond haired girl looked up at the other, then relieved that she didn’t cause trouble.

   Smiling at the small pats on the head before she was handed over to the scientist. Gently cradled but not held to close as if concerned about to much contact. Though Ciel didn’t seem to notice as she looked up at the scientist. Silently begging with puppy eyes to be allowed to see her new friends.

   It was a bit surprising to the elder woman that the reploid actually wanted to see the prodigy again. Though she couldn’t exactly make these decision on her own without talking with it to the others. Also wouldn’t it be a good idea for Ciel to interact with Reploid and learn how they work and live? Didn’t sound to bad but still she was catious.

   ”Well… If you promise to make sure she isn’t harmed and bring her back it can be allowed. Though I’ll have to talk with the others before it’s decided.” The scientist stated, it was simply protocol and while it wasn’t a guarantee Ciel seemed excited. After all this meant there was a chance she could get out of the stuffy lab more

   ”Thank you~!” Ciel piped, hugging the scientist in a burst of joy. A surprised and startled expression showed on the scientist face as the young girl hugged her. Awkwardly returning the hug as she was still holding the small girl. Before putting the small girl down and petting the small girl head once she stopped hugging.

   The small girl was now rocking on the balls of her feet while the scientist looked up at the reploid after glancing at Ciel. 

   ”It’s not a guarantee but as said I don’t think it’s a big problem as long as you don’t take her out of the area and keep Ciel safe. She is the future of humanity after all.”

Fefnir merely nodded to the scientist, and smiled at both her and at Ciel. The adorable smile that the little girl had on her face was enough to make anyone happy, and the Fire Guardian certainly felt happier around her just from seeing that smile.

He turned back to the scientist as she pointed out that there was no guarentee, but he bowed his head lightly to her before standing tall once more.

"I promise I’ll keep her to the confines of the Garden only. I work there every Friday to do my paperwork, and I promise she won’t be harmed."

He’d never dream of it.

With a bright smile at Ciel in return, he waved at her, “hopefully we’ll see each other again, Ciel.”

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Family Visit ( @thebattlewornhunter )


Once he’d heard Fefnir’s response, the ex hunter sighed in a bit of relief. He was pleased that it hadn’t brought up any sore memories, the focus being on that one aspect… Hopefully it’d be a good way to keep things.. Okay if they spoke of that time.

"I too loved the gardens. They brought me comfort." A small smile managed to slip past as he went about a rogue tree that grew on the side of the hill leading to his old cave system.

"…Actually, being surrounded by nature has always been soothing for me." Casting a sidelong glance at the guardian, surprised he’d never thought of doing the same.

"Doing my paperwork there would have been a good idea. Nice choice." X complimented once they were inside the cave.

Once he’d drawn back the tarps and allowed Fefnir to begin his observations, the aged ex hunter leaned against the cave wall, observing his son fondly. Thankfully for the crimson reploid, X decided not to pay attention to the near slip. He couldn’t blame him for almost saying that after all.

"Mhm. I used to be one of the best riders back when I was a hunter. I doubt I’m as good as I used to be but…" His eyes went a bit distant, an aged sorrow taking hold for just a moment.

But, he stood by the decision he’d made not so long ago. His past was not to remain chains for him to be ensnared by.

"…Zero and I used to race each other back then when we had free time. If we hadn’t led the maverick hunters in all those fights, I’m sure we’d have been cast in the brig a dozen times over the stunts we pulled on these."

Those times had been one reason he’d been able to keep his sanity through those difficult days.

…Although, it was strange, strange that he’d been able to utter Zero’s name in front of someone.

He quickly pushed himself off the wall, and headed over to Fefnir’s projection.

"If you like I could teach you how to run one of them."

Fefnir had to agree about nature being relaxing… maybe that was something he had inherited from his father… it was a nice feeling to know they had that in common.

He smiled at the old reploid, “thank you.”

The ex-Guardian listened as X remarked that he had been one of the best racers back in his hunting days, and while he felt for his sorrow, the playful reploid had to cover his mouth and giggle.

"I bet back then you got a lot of attention from the ladies riding these, right?" he teased. He knew, after all, that human females seemed to find the image of males riding ‘motorbikes’, as they had been called, rather alluring.

But he was quickly surprised when X offered to teach him to ride the aged vehicle. He pointed to himself in surprise before turning to the bike, and suddenly he became modest.

"I-I couldn’t! It’s a prized possession, isn’t it?" he stammered. What if he crashed it?! Fefnir had only ever ridden on Golems or in helicopters in the past!

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Fire-Branded House Call (@ wind-megaman)


Harpuia listened intently as Fefnir listed off how he was, watched as his expressions changed depending on what he was saying. He noted the fondness when he spoke of Atlas and Vent, he was getting better at identifying emotions, much better.

It was nice, he supposed, that Fefnir was so content with his new life. Sometimes, Harpuia liked to think he was as well, but his inability to do things had probably impaired the silver lining a little.

Sure, he missed his real form, he missed being able to do a lot of what he could as a reploid, as a cyberelf, but this body came with the strange sense of freedom from much other than to keep their Biomatches in check, to teach them, to lead them. It was what they did now, and Fefnir seemed to be right in the thick of it, right at home.

He supposed he enjoyed that aspect too, teaching Aeolus about his powers, bonding with his Biomatch as he had once with Aile and Vent, seeing the world without being revered in turn. His old life, he missed it, but his new life had taught him many things.

"You’re right about that." Harpuia said softly, a slight smile on his face. "We are what we are now because of who we were before. We reached this point because of the past, so we can’t discard it." He set his hands on either side of him, leaning back a little and using them as support while looking out to the perpetual sunset.

"It’s lively, where I am. There’s plenty of weird things happening all the time, bickering, but also a strange sense of tranquility. It feels like ‘home’, even if all of us make a really odd bunch." He admitted, closing his eyes and letting out a sigh.

"Aeolus and I, we don’t use visions much. We do talk, though. We talk a lot… about various subjects, I suppose. There’s a lot I did not understand before that I do now, there’s a lot my chosen had not seen in my way before. It is beneficial, and it’s also nice… not at all bad."

He paused, pensive, then tilted his head while glancing at the other Guardian.

"I think regrets at this point are inconsequential, huh?"

Fefnir smiled as Harpuia spoke more about his new life with Aeolus and his roommates. He was still curious about who they were, if there was more than one, but the wind Guardian sure wasn’t letting on much except being vague.

With a frustrated sigh, the red armoured reploid reached over and punched Harpuia in the shoulder lightly, “you really to excel at being vague, Harpu.”

He huffed at him before smiling and nodding, “yeah, no use regretting what has come to pass now. Just living and learning~”

The former Guardian kicked his legs as he leaned back on his hands. He smiled a little and then realised that maybe Harpuia was being vague to… protect him?

That was strange, though. What could he possibly be protecting him from? Was the roommate of Aeolus someone that would upset him? The only people that would do that were long gone…

But that’s when he realised… maybe that was the reason? Well, only one way to find out.

"Who IS this roommate of Aeolus’ anyway? There must be a reason you’re keeping it from me."

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Attack on W




Harpuia followed up silently, waiting for the two humans to start walking before moving himself, bringing up the rear of the line (or at least attempting to). Nodding to Fefnir’s brief explanation, he decided to leave any further information or thoughts until they met with Phoenix. Thankfully, they didn’t have to wait long.

Clearance was a wonderful thing. He idly doubted Zero had the same opinion, with him lacking it and everything. It was a humorous thing to ponder, anyway.

Crossing his arms as they entered the room the green-armored General idly wondered just where the bird-like mutos reploid had gotten his love for the dramatics. The flair was just not needed on this sort of situation, in his opinion. ‘Drama queen’, Fefnir would say.

Or something along those lines. He almost smiled to himself at the banter between General and subordinate.

Listening to Phoenix speak of the case in person, the reploid frowned and turned a bit pensive. He had seen reports, but he had never heard the account being told of the mechaniloids being witnessed to leave the scene. This was vital information.

He decided to speak up then, now that Fefnir had given him the signal to speak, had he anything to add. And oh, did he…

"There have been several reports of this, although none before Phoenix had witnessed the mechaniloids leaving themselves, especially not after their signal had vanished." He began, shifting his position to one more comfortable, his arms now crossed as his back stayed ramrod straight. "The reports have all been in certain locations, those a ways from the border of Neo Arcadia. Never have more than seven mechaniloids vanished at the time."

He then paused, took a deep breath, and looked at the two humans they had brought along with them.

"Do either of you have any idea as to what this could be?" He asked, his eyes flicking from one human to the next - perhaps Atlas or Aeolus would have further information…?

Aeolus looked around once they arrived to the factory, his eyes curiously swallowing every detail they could. Quickly memorizing the path they were taking, although he doubted he could take it as well (he had noted that some doors required clearance), he made sure to walk in the middle of the line, pressing his comm softly now and again to speak some quiet words into it. He still had to coordinate with Siarnaq anyway.

Once they arrived, he almost flinched from the bright light emitted by the reploid he assumed was in charge of the facilities. Almost scoffing at the dramatics, he instead focused on not seeing spots everywhere, blinking away the overload of light on his optics, and frowned as the situation was explained.

Well, didn’t this sound familiar? He didn’t hear anything about this in any of the history accounts of this time, and it sounded strangely like a more subdued modus operandi of Model W.

He hoped he was wrong. He hoped some crazy bastard had managed to turn off beacons from mechaniloids and lured them somewhere to try and collect their scrap or something.

Anything but that.

"Always near the border, to lower the risk of being seen as they left." He muttered to himself. "Seems to try to draw as little mechaniloids as possible, but enough to know it’s trying to amass them, but for what purpose?" He spoke out loud, pressing his index and middle finger to his forehead as he tilted his head downward in thought. His brain fired rapidfire suggestions, anything that could not be, but…

"If it’s what I think it is, I’m not going to like it one bit…" He hissed, scowl deepening, as he resisted the urge to pace. "It never needed to really take away mechaniloids slowly, aggressive out of having insider support, but if it doesn’t have any here, then its actions make sense… it can’t afford to be discovered now, and it’s planning to do something with what it’s taking." He summerized, then glanced at Atlas, before looking at the three reploids.

"If I’m wrong about this then I’ll be very, very happy."

Appearing now at the power plant, Atlas allowed her eyes to wander as they traveled further in, the female plenty curious of its similar appearance to the Temple of Flame. That was, at least, the similarity of having lava pools in the building. Perhaps they were powered thermally? It would make sense to her if that were the case. Still, the warmth of the building felt comfortably familiar, effectively calming her nerves. Thoughts would not be foggy here, which would only be beneficial, considering the oncoming discussion they would inevitably have on this little incident they were investigating.

Glancing to Aeolus as he whispered every now and then to his comm, the woman rose an eyebrow, however kept quiet. Who the hell could be talking to, and why now, of all times? Could it not wait? I’ll ask him later, Atlas decided, before giving the red general her attention as he briefed them on the few facts they knew at the moment.

Suddenly, upon entering the room of their destination, a blinding light had her inhale with surprise, bringing an arm up to protect her eyes. Hearing a voice echo in the room, and subsequently Fefnir’s groan, the woman wondered, what the hell is this?

As soon as the light dimmed down, and the (apparent?) bird had landed, she dropped her arm, blinking several times to no avail, as there were still spots in her eyes. Drat, she had looked for a second. What a bother.

The two fire users’ banter went on for a moment, as she a bit grudgingly muttered to herself, “Mind telling me why blinding us was necessary…?” Who knew if she’d get a response; she just felt ticked off by the fact that her vision was now filled with several spots. They’d go away, of course, but it was annoying…!

Coming to terms with this, she crossed her arms, listening to the (jerk) flashy reploid’s report on his observance, and then Harpuia’s additional information. Frowning, she looked down to think a moment before Aeolus began his plausible deduction. The soldier sighed out of her nose at his mention of amassing forces, a reason already forming in her mind. Listening to the man’s words, his logic and insinuations opened her eyes.

It this, it that… Sounded exactly how they had spoken of Model W in the past. His mentions of it having insider support finally snapped the missing piece to understand this horrid possibility into place. Atlas shook her head, scoffing. Could it really be what he implied it might have been? What with all the time nonsense, she hoped to whatever gods above that it wasn’t. If it was not prevented from altering history…!

No no, those thoughts were poisonous. Right now, they had to say what they thought on this information, not their assumptions.

Being given a glance from the male, Atlas gave an all knowing look in return. “There’s no doubt in my mind that someone” or something “is forming an army.” What else could it be, though, if not the damn biometal? “Perhaps it’s…an enemy you know?” Any citadel the size of Neo Arcadia had to have some enemies, right? She hoped.

Giving Aeolus another concerned glance, the female tried express without words that even now, she wasn’t sure what to do. How could they keep it from the Generals if it was truly Model W? They would investigate, as it was their duty.

What to do, what to do…

Fefnir and Phoenix both turned to Harpuia, and then in turn to the humans as they had very different reactions to the news.

Phoenix, on the other hand, seemed to have an idea of his own, and directed his voice to Fefnir, “there’s only one reploid who I know of who has any kind of ability close to this, and-“

The Fire Guardian, however, cut across him sharply, “Anubis cannot turn working mechaniloids into zombies and you know it, Phoenix.”

His tone made it very clear that he wasn’t impressed with the accusation towards his subordinate, even if it was within Phoenix’s training to suspect everyone and anyone.

The bird reluctantly stayed quiet, and instead turned his attention to Atlas and Aeolus. The green clad male seemed to have more of an idea of what he suspected it to be, and he nodded at his deduction of what had occured. He looked at Atlas as she offered her own idea, and Fefnir merely shook his head, “the only enemy known to Neo Arcadia is the Resistance, and I don’t believe they would do anything such as this… though it is a possibility none the less,” he glanced at Harpuia for a moment before turning to Aeolus.

"Do you have something in mind?" he asked him. It seemed like he did, but he wasn’t being very direct with his opinion. If anything, it seemed like he was trying to HIDE what he knew, if anything.

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Bird Bath @thefairyleviathan & sageharpuia


The reploid first out a little yell from the suprise, but that quickly turned into laughter as she shielded herself from the oncoming torrent of water, using her arms to shield the torment.

"Fef you big dork!" the reploid exclaimed jovially, a big grin on her face between laughs.

Leviathan was already happy to see her brother again, it had been a while at that point, but to be attacked with a jetstream of water coming from a fire elemented reploid was good enough as is.

she herself had come for similar purposes, even in the ocean there’s still sand and various other grime that can  clog up her joints and motors and when your working with water, those aren’t the best things to short out

having a similar  mechaniloid in her hands, she grinned a devilish grin. looking to her brother

"Well I bet you didn’t count on my… counter-strike!" she exclaimed in an obviously over-dramatic voice , pointing hers in the direction of her brother, activating the spray, and pointing it in her brother’s direction

"I’m a dork with good aim!" Fefnir exclaimed as his spray was right on target. He must’ve caught her by surprise, not that that was too surprising. Sneak attacks on one another were just another form of their play.

The fire wielding reploid could only giggle and aim his mechaniloid at his sister before getting blasted himself with a stream of water. Where had she got that from? Was she getting washed up, too?

"Aaaaah, I’ve been hit!" Playing along, he put a hand on his chest and span around on one foot dramatically before falling flat on his back with an almighty crash that shook the floor. Whoops, he forgot how heavy he was.

"And thus… I die," The Guardian exclaimed dramatically before flopping on the ground to be still.

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Bird Bath @thefairyleviathan & sageharpuia

It was a fairly normal day for Fefnir - lots of getting rid of debris from the wars and cleaning up, and he was now back in Neo Arcadia to clean himself up and go and do his mission report, something he was very much not looking forward to whatsoever.

As he went to his quarters near the centre of Neo Arcadia, the Fire Guardian grabbed the small mechaniloid that sprayed out water. The Fire Guardian went to the wash room and began to clean up, as was routine, to get the dust off of his joints and other more vunerable areas.

Self maintnence was important, after all, for a reploid like him that worked on the ground and often got dust in places where dust was dangerous to go.

Once he was done, the Guardian dried himself off and gave his joints some self maintnence to make sure they were in peak condition, and then went to leave, taking the mechaniloid he had picked up with him.

It had a tank on the back for pressurised water, and it was good for spraying joints.

As he was walking along, Fefnir looked up and spotted none other than his sister, and with a big grin, Fefnir activated the mechaniloid with a big grin and yelled, “GOTCHA LEVIIIII” before activating the spray in the direction of his sister.