The Great Escape


Conan almost kept his gaze fixed on the pillar of rubble. He was unable to deem them as corpses, considering they were not of flesh, but it was as close as it got.

However, he did as he was told this time, stepping back until he was beside the mutos reploid, flicking his gaze between Anubis and the pile. Imagine his surprise as, akin to a strange and macabre dance, some of the mechaniloids and reploids there came ‘alive’ to the call of the mutos’ baton waving. He wasn’t entirely sure of how that even worked, and had to work to keep himself in place and not look too surprised, but now he knew just why Necromances was in the reploid’s title.

He was the reploid equivalent of a necromancer, although he wasn’t sure if this ability had a limit.

He glanced at Anubis, then back at what would be their new companions for a while. “… Ah.” He said, quietly, in understanding, then shook his head.

"Agreed, lets go." They were not pressed for time, but he preferred they kept in motion until they reached the end of this. If it was as the reploid next to him feared, then they really could not stay here.

He gave a slight smile after as he skittered off in what he was sure was the right direction (after rechecking his memory of the layout of the place compared to the layout of the city in their current position). “That sure is an… unusual power.” He commented, his tone a bit between humor and genuine amazement. Morbid amazement.

Surely not something he expected for a reploid to be able to do. 

The light was useful, but he soon found he preferred to have both it and the night vision active at the same time as he walked further in. He turned it back on with a bit of hesitation, cased his surroundings, and continued forward for a little before slowing to a halt. They were nearing a turn.

He looked at Anubis, then at one of his not-so-living friends and nudged his head towards the turn.

It was better to send out someone to scout and make sure no one was there, rather than take the turn blindly.

Anubis decided it was within their best interests to leave some of the zombies roaming, since they didn’t cast off an energy signature, they would not be in danger of being caught from them alone. Silently, the red eyed mechaniloids walked along with the pair as they made their way south, and upon approaching the turn, Anubis knew his idea had been spot on.

He directed one of the zombies to go ahead, and upon having nothing reported back, they continued onwards in the dark silence.

At Conan’s comment on his ability, the mutos reploid merely smiled slightly and said, “yes… I suppose you could say it is.”

This power, that had been frightening to the authorities.

The very same power that his master had thought was ‘totally cool’.

Anubis mentally shook his head as he chased the fond memories away for the time being. They had more important things to focus on right now.

The path turned narrow, so Anubis reverse-summoned the zombies as they dissapeared from sight. He could call on them again, of course, as was his power, “our friends can stay away for now while we navigate this,” carefully, he edged along the wall of the thin path before it widened again.

He spied another pile of dumped mechaniloids, but this pile was completely salvageable, at least not without some nanobots. While Anubis did have a canister of them in his medical kit, he wasn’t going to waste them on this.

"Ch," he tisked, annoyed, before moving on.

"Your escape path - can you navigate it from here?" the mutos reploid asked his human companion. It was dangerous to access the central navigation system, and thus, he avoided it for now.

Family Visit ( @thebattlewornhunter )


X brushed himself off as he stood, dust falling to the side, and causing a small cloud of it to roll off of him. Thankfully, it wasn’t a large one and didn’t approach Fefnir.

Afterwards, he turned to face the guardian of flames, his expression a confusing case of hesitation, resolve and sorrow.

"It is always the great heroes that can’t see what they’ve done. Fefnir, you and each of your siblings protected the city, protected innocent lives, and did so while still maintaining your loyalty." Placing a hand on Fefnir’s shoulder, he started pointing to various dials and explaining their uses.

However, after he’d finished, and taken a step back, X returned to the topic.

"The X of both your world, and this one, we were derelict in our responsibilities in recognizing the services the four Guardians offered. Each one of you brought something to the table. As Generals, you four were unrivaled. As for me? I never acknowledged just how much I relied on all of you in those difficult positions." As he spoke, his tone changed slightly, regaining some of that official power that he’d once wielded.

It was hard to look at the Guardian, what with the material he was covering, the long needed recognition that Fefnir deserved finally being ‘officially noticed’.

"… If you and your siblings are willing. I’d… Like to recognize what all of you did. It’s far from fixing the wrongs against you, but… All of you deserve far more for what you have done."

Was he hesitant in asking this of Fefnir and the others? Most Certainly. If he was human, he doubted his voice could have been clear. But thankfully, he wasn’t, and he had a bit more control over his emotions than that of his reploid counterparts of today, or the cybernetic enhanced humans alike.

Even so, some of his nervousness shone through, and he shifted his weight from one foot to the other.

The cyberelf was honest to himself in thinking that he had never seen it that way before, from X’s perspective. He did not find honour in his actions, nor did he see any worth in them. For him, he had been selfish, and foolish… at least, most of the time.

But X’s words made sense nonetheless. It was true that he personally could not see the value of his work, and he certainly didn’t see himself as a hero at all. But if his father did… and if his father wanted to recognise his worth himself? Fefnir was for that.

He looked down at the bike as it was explained how it worked, Fefnir memorised the functions before hesitantly testing them. Well, at least he got the bike ON, so that was a start. It was a little nerve wracking at first, but Fighting Fefnir never turned down a challenge!

Noting his father’s nervousness, the large ex-guardian turned to him and nodded with a smile on his face. If it was from X… he could accept it.

"I’d love that, ma—uh, father," whoops, he had slipped up again.

"I graciously accept your offer."

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Family Visit ( @thebattlewornhunter )


X tried to keep a solemn and straight face at Fefnir’s response, but he failed miserably. First a near silent chuckle, before it broke into a full laugh. Green eyes bright, X slowly returned to his more serene calm nature.

"Sorry, but your response was…" He trailed off, chuckling slightly once more.

Eventually though, X managed to respond properly.

"With your history with him? You’re probably right. Maybe if things had been different." He shrugged, letting go of the what if.

Underneath the ride chaser, X fiddled quickly, adjusting a few pieces here and there, making the seat raise, and slide back as far as it could, giving Fefnir the most leg room he could. For him, it’d be a tough task to control the chaser as he’d be hard pressed to touch both the pedals and the handlebars at the same time.

He listened intently, his heart heavy as he realized that they too had never been given the recognition that they deserved. Sliding out from underneath the chaser, X rose to rest on his elbows, looking up at the titan of a reploid.

"Fefnir, by all accounts you, your siblings, and your alters here on this world… Well, you all did similar tasks. You undertook missions on order of X, fake, or otherwise, protecting Neo Arcadia from her enemies." Even if they hadn’t been true enemies.

They had been loyal, suffering injuries that would have otherwise never been inflicted on them if they had not. He closed his eyes, remembering all the trials he’d made them suffer through, all the pain they’d had to deal with… He couldn’t imagine how much they;d been hurt when they had realized how much he’d cost them…

"…And paid the ultimate price in the end. Fefnir, all four of you should have been recognized for that. While… While I’m not the X of your world… I… If it’d be alright with you… I’d like to correct that."

Hey, at least he made him laugh - Fefnir was pleased about that. He cocked a lopsided grin at his father before he turned back to the bike. Carefully, the ex-Guardian swung his leg over the seat and sat down on it after grabbing the handlebars. 

It felt good.

He had never sat on a machine that was meant to be ridden before, at least not one like this. It was a new experience entirely.

X’s question, however, was a surprising one. He blinked at the blue reploid before he took on a confused expression. What exactly was the older reploid talking about?

"Forgive me, father, I don’t understand what you mean?" Fefnir did not consider his work very noteworthy. He had simply done his job…. and he had done some things he was not the least bit proud of, as well.

He didn’t think that his contributions to the world were very memoriable at all.

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Unidentified Signals (@Fefnir-of-Neoarcadia)


Levi seemed almost enchanted by the colossal structure in front of her, as she broke away from it hearing Fefnir ask her what she thought, shaking her head. 

"Well… Yes, maybe a little bit to get through." Levi nodded, she wasn’t opposed to the idea of breaking a little bit, something about it was ominous to her  "But before that, we have a lot of strange readings coming off of it."

"And, you might be interested to know, I think I heard reports of Zero and a squad in the area, so we better get in there quick."

Considering what his sister said, Fefnir in turn activated his visor to scan over the area. She was right, of course - there were a lot of signals coming from it showing up on his visor that he couldn’t quite explain.

"Zero, huh…" Fefnir was annoyed by that. He wished the Resistance would leave them alone, dammit.

"I feel like there is something in there, or rather… someone,” it felt more like a presence than an actual bad reading from something.

"Let’s crack this thing open," the Guardian of Fire said to his sister.

What’s left of one (fefnir-of-neoarcadia & areazero)


Harpuia surveyed the lay of the desert-esque area as well, peering about once they were out of the shaft. He glanced about, keeping note of the terrain and lay of the area, then looked back to Fefnir in time to see him motion to follow.

Deciding to listen and let Fefnir guide him, as the other was more versed in these matters, the cyberelf did so, nodding to the red ex-Guardian.

He had listened to the other’s observation as well, and while he figured Fefnir was right about these things (it was he who strategized, after all), he couldn’t help but wonder where Weil’s strategies would differ. The man was strange, mad, would it affect how he approached his ‘problem’?

He figured they would have to wait and see.

"Alright." He agreed, quietly, then tilted his head slightly. "We should be sure to let them know about potential attacking points too, then, while we are at it."

For now, though, they should explore and keep an eye out for things of notice. Everything could be reported in bulk later.

"Do you want to slowly circle away from the elevator or would you prefer we just split terrain?"

Fefnir was better at charting land.

Fefnir wondered about that. Part of him thought it might be a good idea to split up to cover more ground, but another part of him thought that that was a bad idea, considering they were tiny now, and he wasn’t exactly used to flying yet.

The ex-guardian figured it’d be best to stick together.

He stayed silent for a moment before he nodded to Harpuia, “let’s head up to the top of the base and survey things from above. If we spot anything, we’ll know where to start on ground level.”

The red cyberelf flew up as much as he was able to fly - it was still a strange sensation. In a way, he kind of envied Harpuia for having some experience in the field, but there was no time like the present!

"Come on Harp, don’t be a slacker!" he teased.

The Great Escape


Conan made sure to hang on for dear life, enveloped in total darkness. Reaching up, he pressed a dial on his glasses, activating the night vision attribute as they made their way further down. As he squinted his gaze, he tried to peruse the parameter, only to stiffen slightly as he looked below, spotting a few reploid pieces here and there. Just what was this used for?

They soon reached the floor, and he flinched, eyes closing, when the mutos reploid lit a flare. Turning off night vision for now, and waiting a little for his sight to readjust and for him not to feel like his head was swimming, he carefully took the flare and used this moment to adjust himself and place himself on his mental map. He had certainly not used the underground before, and he would definitely need to have a rough idea of where they were going.

He slowly let himself off the reploid to walk himself, trying to get a good look at the area around them to memorize its layout. If they were lost, he would at least have enough photographic memory fragments to go by and guide himself.

"If we are to continue my plan…" Conan started, carefully, as he took a good look at their surroundings. "We should continue with a bearing on southwest. Approximately six hundred meters. I am aiming for the outskirts of Sector X." He informed his companion, his eyes narrowed. He had soaked up the information given to him, but he was not liking it. Abandoning someone to their fate when it could be changed was never his thing, but the jackal’s words were of sound logic. Weil was able to reprogram reploids and, if he managed to  get his hands on the Dark Elf, he wouldn’t even need to tinker with them.

He had seen it before.

"I understand your reasoning. I agree, but I don’t like it." He informed, duly, although letting the other know on his feelings of the matter was of no benefit other than to inform the reploid that yes, for some reason, he did care about what happened to Anubis.

He cared about what happened to anyone, really-

Blinking, he looked at to where Anubis was pointing, then towards the pile of dumped bodies. He almost gulped. What did the reploid mean? “I’m afraid I don’t follow.” He said, flinching a little at his recent blatant honesty. This could not last beyond this situation.

He took a few steps towards them, however, even if he felt unease. He was used to corpses, but human ones. He had little experience with the mechabre. It was not morbid or scary, it was just a sight he had not feasted his eyes on since the Elf Wars.

Anubis had to agree with the plan. He had been heading in a similar direction, though he was unsure if Conan and himself had the same goals. It didn’t really matter at this point in time, however.

He allowed the human to climb down on his own, though he almost would’ve preferred the child to stay seated on him. Wouldn’t it have been safer? Maybe. But the human seemed to have a good grasp on what he was doing.

Funny. Fefnir had told him a different tale…

Conan not being impressed with his statement was unexpected, but the mutos reploid nodded to him regardless. It was best to face facts than to simply ignore the possibilities that were very, very real.

Catching the human’s unease, he merely said, “do you remember what I said about my abilities being unique? I would stand back, if I were you.”

The Lieutenant General summoned his staff from subspace and held it out in front of him. His optics glowed, as did his body, and like something out of a horror movie, the corpses responded.

One by one their optics lit up red, and those that could still walk and function began to move sluggishly out of the pile. At least ten of them in various stages of disrepair were able to slowly amble upright and stand to attention in front of the duo, though they wavered and wobbled in the darkness.

Anubis grabbed his staff and spun it, and the zombies all but vanished. With that done, the mutos reploid stopped glowing and put his staff away.

"As I said," he walked over to Conan and look around to see which direction was southwest, "the more corpses we find, the bigger the army."

It was if he had done something as simple as hanging out wet laundry to dry. Having been in charge of examining dead reploid bodies, the Necromancer was desensitised to what effect something like creating zombies might have on the normal person. And thus, the jackal pointed to the tunnel that led them southwest and said calmly, “lets keep moving.” 

The Great Escape


Doing as instructed, and noting the mutos reploid had been recharging his ammo, he stood back and watched as his companion removed the lid.

Conan soon found that, even if he had looked for this trapdoor and managed to open it, he could have never used it anyway. It was made and outfitted for something much larger than he.

He let his mouth form a wry smile at that. 

Nodding, although not feeling any less awkward at the situation, Conan stepped on Anubis’ hand carefully and yet with ease and a quick pace. Once he had leverage, he clambered over to the reploid’s shoulder, adjusting himself so he was facing the same direction as Anubis rather than behind him. It was then he realized the reploid probably meant to take his hand and put him there himself, but there was no difference anyway.

How long had it been since he had let himself ride on someone’s shoulder like this, though? Surely, more than four hundred years ago.

It was borderline nostalgic, but he shook himself out of it.

"Good to go." He whispered, his eyes on alert for any prying eyes. It would not do for them to be spotted so quickly and before they managed to escape.

Anubis didn’t seem too perturbed by the human using him as a monkey gym, so to speak, and climbing onto his shoulder with his own power rather than being lifted up there. There were more pressing matters to tend to, after all.

He turned to Conan and nodded silently at his statement, and once he was sure the boy was secured, he quickly closed the hatch as quietly as he was able before climbing down the ladder into total darkness, except for his own glowing eyes.

There was an eerie silence down here, within the tunnels under Neo Arcadia. Few reploids ever came down here except to clean it, and most of those who did were mechaniloids built for that purpose. 

But Anubis was going to take no chances on that.

He felt the bottom of the ground touch his foot, and the mutos reploid let out a silent sigh of relief. There was a shifting sound and the grating sound of Anubis swiftly lighting a flare to serve as a light source (more for Conan’s benefit than his own, as he could travel fine in the dark thanks to his sensors) which he then held up for Conan to take.

"Your plan should be able to be executed down here," he finally spoke, "these tunnels stretch under Neo Arcadia, though, while it is normally not monitored, we cannot take that chance as I imagine Weil would’ve thought of that."

There were likely spies down here, even so.

"Therefore…" he turned to the human with a serious look, "should I be captured; run. Don’t think twice about it. I know what that human or the Judges is doing to my kind, and I would not want to attack you."

That was for sure.

"Either way…." Anubis saw as he looked further down the rows that this area had been used as a bit of a dumping ground. There were reploid bodies everywhere… but for the mutos reploid…

"At the very least," he pointed with his free hand at the bodies, "we have an army to protect us."

Bird Bath @thefairyleviathan & sageharpuia



After the onslaught of water, she herself saw her wind-based sibling walking in covered in grime and sand and all that fun stuff. most of her operations where cleaning the ocean so she never had to deal with a sandstorm persay but sometimes she’d kick up sand along along the bottom of the ocean to a similar effect

Levi then saw the I.M appear from Fefnir, as a very similar grin crawled across the ice-attuned Reploids face, making a slight giggle herself, as she had thought the very same…


May the victor fire the first shot.

Levi replied to the decided to also greet Harpuia “Yeesh, and I thought me going through that seaweed patch was bad news…”

Though, really, the cautious look on Harpuia’s face made her snicker as well “Yeah, come on Harp, we’re just playing a game.” 

Harpuia nodded carefully at Fefnir. It was true, after all, that he had run into a sandstorm. It was not particularly his favorite weather condition, especially not with what it did to him. The sand in his joints crunched a bit as he stepped into the room, almost like a scared doe, while keeping an even gaze on his siblings.

Their grins were unsettling. Just what was going through their minds? Perhaps it was one of those things he did NOT want to know.

He cracked a sort of slight grin, or at least what he figured was one, at Leviathan’s comment about the seaweed, although he was not sure how to respond to Fefnir’s taunt

He just wanted no part in this… horseplay. That was how humans called it, correct?

"I am just… not sure if I should get involved on this… ‘game’ of yours." He phrased himself, carefully, then sighed. 

Just what was that game? A battle with water?

"Excuse me." He supposed he was just interrupting… right?

Fefnir only needed Levi’s okay before the plan was in motion. Capture a bird, and make sure he got nice and ‘clean’.

But not without having some fun and forcing his socially inept older brother into warfare with them.

"Well too bad!" The fire guardian giggled and ran right over to Harpuia, and in a quick move, he grabbed his sibling under the arms in a wrestling hold, "gotcha, birdy! You’re not escaping from fun this time! Let ‘er rip, Leviii!"

He still had a hold of his own water mechaniloid in his right hand as he held his sibling in place. Nope, he wasn’t going to escape.

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Harpuia nodded to what Fefnir said, adding his own part to the conversation. “Reploids find it hard to forget as well, although we can compress memories and store them if they take up too much space and are irrelevant. It’s a different process of discarding.” He supposed that’d sound weird to a human, but he had no other way to word it. However, he hoped at least what he and Fefnir had said would help her grasp the difference between their kind.

"I am, however, glad you are alright." He smiled, softly, in a subconcious way as he kneeled a little to see the child more eye to eye. It seemed she wished to get off, but he wasn’t so sure about the girl walking around after such fright. He offered his arms, regardless, to help her down or carry her. "Fefnir also said it was fine… don’t worry about it."

He gave a sideways glance at the other reploid, who seemed to be processing data, and looked back to Madotsuki as he suddenly recieved the file and IM from his sibling.


Interesting… I will go over the file once we’re done here. Perhaps I can give some insight…’ He sent, then refocused on the task at hand.

"… so you… reploids, right? Ah, doesn’t matter, you’re still people to me and that’s what counts… you… do not dream then…” Madotsuki had a bit of an awkward smile, as she held her hands by the edge of the stretcher and stuck a leg out down, her foot turned down as she tried her best to reach the floor… what a shrimp she was.

"… I’m such one big anomaly, aren’t I?” She rambled a bit, then noticed Harpuia’s offered hand, which she gladly took, getting the support to stand on her own. She then smothered her skirt to make it fall right over her lower body again.

"… suppose it was my fault that you… dreamed… so I guess you should not worry… and… come to think of it… maybe you technically didn’t dream… I mean, the dream was mine originally… you just saw my dream, which was my doing… I have no idea how it’s like, though… having dreamless sleep… are you guys fine with that…?”

Madotsuki then just rubbed one eye a bit lazily, her soft gaze shifting between Harpuia and Fefnir.

People, huh? Well, that was certainly a new one, but Fefnir appreciated it, and the smile on his face showed as much. He offered a returning glance to his sibling before he smiled wider and knelt down to address Madotsuki more easily.

"Honestly, as shocking as it was… now that I know how it happened and why, it was kinda cool!" Going into a dreamland was kind of neat, if a bit shocking to hear about at first, and certainly shocking to experience.

But the combined efforts of figuring out where the dream had come from as well as what had caused it had effectively calmed Fefnir down somewhat. 

However, he turned to Madotsuki and gently ruffled her hair with a characteristic smile, “just get your sleep, now. And if you have bad dreams… well… at least I can help again next time, now I know what I’m dealing with.”

He had never thought about the fact that he didn’t dream before, only accepted it as part of being a reploid. If anything, the reverse question was more puzzling.

The Guardian stood up and turned to Harpuia before saying, “we’ll come back in to check on you, but it’s probably best that you stay here in the hospital ward, in case your sleep paralysis returns.”

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The Great Escape


It felt odd, really, to have his hand held in one so massive, much more so than any other hand he had willingly held. The claws did not harm him, and the steel, while a little cold, did not feel too uninviting. He had limited his interaction with reploids as much as he was able, so to be touching one like this was a fairly new experience in all of the years of his life.


He listened to the jackal mutos named after a god, looking at his face and memorizing his features. Interested, he observed as the reploid pulled what seemed to be a crossbow out of ‘nothing’. Subspace storage, they called it. It had existed for a while, but he had yet to see it in action from so close by. Contrary to what he had assumed, it seemed Anubis did know a bit about sneaking around, perhaps just not in territory he considered familiar.

"… That is certainly useful." He commented, quietly, and gave a nod of approval. Interesting. Very interesting. Noting the gesture, he quickly followed, trying to not make too much noise. They should try to not attract attention, as it would be counter productive to put the guards to sleep only for more to show up and surely investigate.

Skittering into the alley, he peered about when instructed, a curious expression on his face. In all the years he had skittered and ran through Neo Arcadia’s various segments, he had never really imagined there to be secret passages. Then again, he never really bothered to look.

"Alright. Where would it be?" He asked, quietly, as he narrowed his eyes and /searched/. His eyes were sharp even without regularly exercising his capability to deduce outside of guessing what passerby pedestrians he saw had for breakfast (other than when he sneaked into the core of the citadel to gather intel), so he figured he could be on help without having, say, a radar scope.

"Yosh…" He muttered, letting some japanese escape him as he finally found it, tugging slightly at the door to test if he could open it. No dice, his body was not strong enough. "Here." He muttered, trying to call Anubis’ attention.

As Conan searched, Anubis recharged the shots he had fired with more of the reploid neurotoxin, basically. He had a large supply of it, since he often used it when he needed to put down ‘maverick’ reploids, so to speak, or in the morgue. 

The shots themselves, however, were limited.

He refilled the three he had collected and put them back in the canister with the others while the small human eventually found the trapdoor. After placing his weapon back in subspace, Anubis made his way over to the human’s side.

Yep, this was definitely the spot.

"Stand back," he said quietly before he slipped his claws under the edge of the lid. He did a quick scan to make sure no one was watching before lifting it up entirely.

There was a ladder going downwards, and a sizeable tunnel. It would fit them both easily enough.

But the railing was clearly made for reploid size, not human sizes. He looked at Conan’s small stature, and he held out his hand, “climb onto my shoulder, quickly.”

He’d have to carry the human down.